Our Experience

Spending your best vacation at Wakamatsu

Day 1


Welcome to Wakamatsu

During your check-in at the lobby, you may enjoy a
moment of inner peace looking at our indoor Japanese Garden.
On the way to your room escorted by our staff, a 2500 year-old
Taiwanese Cypress wood panel stand still to enhance a sense of spirit to our place.


Catch a breath and relax

Once you enter your room, please enjoy a cup of Japanese tea and dessert made by Wakamatsu.
Our dessert「Wakamatsu Matcha Cake」is made of the highest quality matcha.
The matcha aroma would spread through your mouth and nose from every bite you take.


Let time slip away in the onsen bath

Enjoy the grand hot spring and open-air onsen and seek for the ultimate relieve.
Bathing in the onsen, facing the grand view of ocean,
simply let time slip away and leave everything behind.


Glamorous night view of Hakodate

Hakodate is well known for its night lights.
Night view from Mount Hakodate is one of the three most popular night views in the world.
You may take a tour bus to the top of the Mount Hakodate and take the ropeway to go down.
If you would like to have other transport arrangement, please feel free to ask us.

Day 2


Start your day fresh in the onsen

Waking up with warm sunshine on your face and followed
by an onsen bath to start your perfect day.


Local seafood gourmet for breakfast

Our Japanese breakfast is prepared with the freshly caught
squid and other local ingredients from the region.
We insist offering only the best from the ocean
and land in the region to our beloved guests.


Enjoy what the city has to offer and
complete your trip on a perfect note

Local pottery and our homemade「Wakamatsu Matcha Cake」
can be purchased at the gift shop near the lobby
for you to share your journey to friends and family back home.
You may sightsee in the city or sign up for one of our excursion
trips to complete your trip with a perfect end note.

函館 湯の川温泉 若松
政府登録第25号 国際観光旅館 創業・大正11年

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