The well

Please visit our onsen well which is right in front
of our front door to see what the nature of Hakodate has to offer.

Unlike some of the onsen ryokans bringing in their onsen from miles away,
here at Wakamatsu, we pump out the freshest onsen
from the well right in front of our entrance.

Enjoy onsen in the Japanese way

Onsen is considered as a precious natural resource.

Base on its region and mineral content,
the natural hot spring brings you different effects by stimulating your senses,
regulating your brain hormones and restoring your nervous system. Moreover,
the heat speeds up your metabolism and reliefs you from your stress and tension.

Opening times  15:00~24:00 5:00~10:00

Bath of Hana for ladies

A sudden change of body temperature could be dangerous.
Showering your body with warm water first could avoid that.
We recommend you to start bathing from lower temperature tubs
to higher temperature ones and from indoor ones to outdoor ones.
Through the change of temperature,
it stimulates your body nervous system and restore balance.

Opening times  15:00~01:00 5:00~9:30

Bath of Tsuki for gentlemen

The Wakamatsu onsen is full with sodium and calcium
and other mineral contents which is a perfect combination
to treat nerve pain, hemorrhoids, joint pain, muscle pain, frozen shoulder,
bruising and other effects.

Opening times  15:00~01:00 5:00~9:30

函館 湯の川温泉 若松
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