Room Availability

What is the policy of best rate guaranteed?

Your reservation with us should be at the lowest price possible. Should you find a lower rate with the same booking conditions within 24 hours of your booking, we will match the rate.

Can I book my reservation through plan/package selection…?

In order to provide our guests the best travel experience, we do not offer any package or plan on our official website. You may select any type of room or gourmet as you desire.


I haven’t received my confirmation email. Has my booking gone through?

Couple reasons below explained why you might have not yet received the confirmation email:
1)Incorrect email input
Please double check the email address you have inputted and contact us soon.

2)Your email setting.
Your email server setting might be blocking the confirmation email. Please double check with your email server setting.

3)Your booking process is incomplete.
Please contact us through the customer service phone number, email or inquiry.

What may I pay for my booking with?

We accept all types of payment method including Visa, Master Card, AMERICAN EXPRESS.

If I would like to cancel my payment paid with credit card, when would I get my refund?

You would usually get your refund back within 1 to 3 months starting from the day of cancellation. You may also contact your credit company for a precise refund date.
If a cancellation fee is required, it will be deducted from the refund. If the refund may not proceed due to credit card expiration date reason, we will refund via bank transfer. The bank transfer related commission or fee would be paid by the customer.

What is online credit card payment system?

Online credit card payment system will pay with your credit card once the booking is completed. According to our “Term & Policy”, we use the ベリトランス株式会社 company provided online payment system. All credit payment information will be kept by the ベリトランス株式会社 company under their term and privacy policy.

Manage your reservation

May I change my reservation?

Unfortunately, our payment may not be changed once it’s gone though the system. Please cancel your prior reservation and book it online again.

How may I review my booking online?

Once the booking has gone through, you will receive a confirmation email. Please click the URL in the email and it will redirect you to your booking page.

When and why do I need to pay for cancellation fee?

Cancellation fee may appear based on the time and customer incentive program of the booking. Please read through the “Term and Policy” carefully before proceeding your booking. Cancellation fee will not be charged under circumstances listed below:
Customer unable to arrive to the property on the same day 11:00AM due to the causes of force majeure such as natural disaster, riot and etc., or shut down of public transit, high way or major road in the nearby region would not be charge for any cancellation fee.

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