Established 1922老舗旅館わか松Wakamatsu Hakone Yugawara

Beauty, food and hospitality
The highest level of comfort.

Wakamatsu lanterns evoke an air of elegance.
It is also a beacon to the world filled with the depth of Japan.

Wakamatsu Hakone Yugawara is a sister inn of
Kappo Ryokan Wakamatsu in Hakodate Yunokawa,
which was chosen as the guesthouse of His Majesty the Emperor
and loved by many celebrities, has inherited its 100-year-old spirit of hospitality.
「Nestled in the bosom of the mountain overlooking the town of Yugawara, it offers a full range of Japanese hospitality
and a space and time that are both interesting and exciting.

Inheriting the good old history and traditions
With hospitality that has been refined over the years
Please spend a moment of the highest quality.


Overlooking the town of Yugawara loved by painters and writers
The elegant Japanese fragrance will soothe your mind and body.

Yugawara has been loved by many famous writers, poets, and painters, including Soseki Natsume,
Ryunosuke Akutagawa, and Akiko Yosano.
The atmospheric Sukiya-style furnishings will make your time spent in the room even more elegant,
also its authentic Japanese-style rooms are being named after japanese famous painters,
which are imbued with the spirit of craftsmanship and enhance the travel atmosphere.


Kaiseki cuisine with a touch of hospitality added
to Yugawara's natural bounty

At "Wakamatsu Hakone Yugawara,dishes are served and inspired by the
rich ingredients from Sagami Bay and the Manazuru Peninsula in our cuisine.
The season, the container, and the occasion are the "three keys" to the tea ceremony,
and we also valued them.
Seasonal flavors of the four seasons are carefully arranged in carefully selected dishes.
and served one dish at a time.
We also pay close attention to the color and
presentation of each dish to ensure that it is pleasing to the eye.
Each dish is a jewel of luxury,please enjoy each dish to the fullest.


Try the hot spring baths at a hot spring resort that has existed around since the time of Manyoshu (Japan's oldest anthology of poetry ) with its own hot spring source.

In Japan's oldest anthology of poetry, "Manyoshu," it is said that the hot springs of Yugawara
"spring up from the riverbanks day and night."
Since the establishment of "Wakamatsu Hakone Yugawara," our own hot spring water of 52.2°C  has been gushing out of the grounds without end.
The ideal quality of the spring is slightly salty and slightly alkaline.
You can enjoy hot spring water that is gentle to the skin.
Yugawara's hot spring water has been flowing abundantly since the time of Manyo.
We hope you will fully enjoy this historic hot spring.


Inheriting the history and tradition of the good old onsen ryokan

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Zip code 259-0314 261 Miyakami, Yugawara-cho Ashigara-shimo gun Kanagawa prefecture
※Please understand that there are times when we are unable to respond to phone calls due to other duties such as holidays, check-in and check-out times.

Overlooking the town of Yugawara,where known as "Little Kyoto in Sagami"
"Wakamatsu Hakone Yugawara" is a castle-style kappo-ryokan nestled in the heart of the mountains.
Wakamatsu is a symbolic Japanese inn that changes with the seasons.


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