Offering almost a century of Japanese tradition,
Wakamatsu Hot Spring Ryokan was founded in 1922 in Yunokawa, Hakodate.
Wakamatsu has been the Showa Emperor’s designated Ryokan in Hakodate. More recently,
it has also been recognized with honor in the Michelin Guide to Hokkaido.
Even with such tremendous history,we have never stopped innovating
new experiences to offer our beloved guests better service,
facility and the ultimate Onsen Ryokan experience.

Here at Wakamatsu, we offer the finest Japanese service where
you feel the caring from every moment of interaction and
where you can reset yourself with extraordinary destinations.

A direct translation of our ryokan’s name in English,
the ryokan would be called “The Culinary Ryokan, Wakamatsu.”
You can feel every bit of our dedication through the full service Japanese cuisine.

Being small in scale,
our ryokans are able to ensure that every single guest is
well taken cared of and the expectation is fully met.
Offering our guests complete comfort and relaxation is what makes us Wakamatsu.

If you have any inquiries,
please feel free to contact us.
We will get back to you as soon as possible

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