The best creation from our head chef, sourced from the best ingredients in the season.
Taste the exquisite Japanese cuisine with our full course offering, advance reservations only.

Be sure you can enjoy our fabulous Japanese cuisine in the most relaxing way,
we provide inroom dining for every dinner.
Or you can choose to have dinner in our private Japanese-style room.

CUISINE 01Kaiseki Full Course

Enjoy our full dinner set that rotates throughout
the year in accordance with different seasons.

CUISINE 02A la carte

For those who like their own choices, enjoy our selection of starters, mains and desserts.
Enjoy our unique a la carte dining, something usually not available in Japanese ryokans.

CUISINE 03Breakfast

A top notch breakfast is the best way to start your new day of adventure.
Our Japanese breakfast set offers the a balanced nutrition to let you have the energy for your day.